Remanufactured Haworth® Cubicles

Remanufactured Workstations

Many companies are turning to refurbished office cubicles, which offer the best blend of budget and quality. The savings can be significant while obtaining the same quality and appearance as new cubicles. Businesses are constantly adapting to the demands of changing market forces. Thus, office and facility managers are continually seeking cost-effective ways to facilitate a changing workplace, whether caused by growth, reorganization, a move or a merger, downsizing, or the need to update their corporate image. Wells & Kimich can provide you Haworth® cubicles by utilizing preowned inventories of workstations and making them look new again!

Can refurbished cubicles really save me that much money?

Yes, the cost of savings can be substantial as compared to buying new cubicles.

What is the difference in remanufactured versus new cubicles?

Refurbished cubicles provide the same functionality as new cubicles. Refurbished cubicles will also provide you with more options for the selection of fabric, paint, and laminate as opposed to the purchase of new cubicles. The production lead time is also quicker. Purchases can be delivered and installed within three weeks versus four to six weeks from a new manufacturer.

Another advantage is that parts are readily available instead of having to order them from a manufacturer, thus saving valuable time!

Will Haworth® cubicles ever become obsolete?

No. Haworth® Unigroup cubicles have been used for years in thousands of office buildings and are still being purchased new from this manufacturer. The structure and integrity of this product can virtually last lifetime.

What is the warranty on remanufactured workstations?

Wells & Kimich provides a limited life-time warranty for material and workmanship to the original purchaser. Please ask your salesperson for further details.

What is the electrical capacity of this system?

Haworth® Unigroup incorporates an 8 wire / 120 volt wiring configuration, which can manage up to (3) 20 amp circuits when wired appropriately. Wells & Kimich is pleased to work with you and your electrical contractor  to ensure the your electrical system sufficiently meets your needs.

How many cubicles can I put on each 20 amp circuit?

This really depends on what electronic equipment will be used in each workstation and the amps that are required for that equipment. Electricians do not want to load a circuit greater than 80% of its capacity. It is important that you discuss this with the electrical contractor or your building facility coordinator.

Cubicle Restoring Process 

Haworth® cubicles are the strongest steel constructed panels in the marketplace which allows the exterior frame to be refurbished to a like new condition. Each panel has an acoustic baffled honeycomb core with two perforated steel-coated skins which together provide you with a panel that is extremely durable and resistant to damage in comparison to wood-framed panels. The restoring process begins by removing all fabric and trim from the panel. The panels are re-covered with your choice of fabric. Panel frame and trim is painted to the finish color of your choice. All of this gives you a refurbished panel with a brand-new look. All work surfaces are built new, with the laminate of your selection.  All pedestals and lateral file cabinets are new as well. Electrical components are tested and guaranteed for the life of the product with normal use.  If you are in the market for a strong, well-built panel system and are working with a defined budget, refurbished cubicles are a great option for you!

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