Remanufactured Haworth Cubicles

Remanufactured Workstations

Many companies are turning to refurbished office cubicles, which offer the best blend of budget and quality. The savings over new cubicles can be significant while obtaining the same quality and appearance as new furniture. Businesses are constantly adapting to the demands of changing market forces. Likewise, office and facility managers are continually seeking cost-effective ways to facilitate a changing workplace, whether caused by growth, reorganization, a move or a merger, downsizing, or the need to update the corporate image. Wells & Kimich can provide you Haworth® cubicles by taking preowned inventories of workstations and making them look as new.

Can refurbished cubicles really save me that much money?

Yes, the cost of savings can be substantial as compared to new systems furniture. Depending on what you are comparing the refurbished workstations against, you may be able to save more than buying new.

What is the difference in remanufactured versus new cubicles?

Refurbished workstations serve the same purpose and function as current cubicle designs. With refurbished cubicle furniture you will typically have more options as far as fabric, paint and laminate choices than you would with new systems. The turn-around time is also quicker. Purchases delivered and installed within two weeks versus four to six weeks from manufactures.


Another advantage is that parts are readily available within a day’s period instead of being required to order them from the manufacturer and waiting on them to be shipped, delivered and installed, potentially stalling a project.

What if you run out of Haworth® cubicles?

Wells & Kimich has been refurbishing and installing this brand of system furniture since 1982. Haworth® Unigroup cubicles have been used for years in thousands of building locations and are still being purchased new from the manufacture today. The supply of this system is virtually endless and obsolescence is not a factor.

What is the warranty on remanufactured workstations?

Wells & Kimich provides a limited life-time warranty on the electrical systems and the core of the components and panels under normal use.

What is the electrical capacity of this system?

Haworth® Unigroup runs on an 8 wire/120 volt wiring configuration, which can handle up to (3) 20 amp circuits when wired appropriately. Wells & Kimich is pleased to work with you and your electrician to insure that your electrical systems are sufficient to meet your needs.

How many cubicles can I put on each 20 amp circuit?

This really depends on what electronic equipment is in each workstation and the amps that are required for that equipment. Electricians generally do not want to load a circuit to greater than its capacity. It is important that you discuss this with the electrical company or your building facility coordinator.

Cubicle Restoring Process 

Haworth cubicles are the strongest cold rolled, steel constructed panels on the market that allow the interior frame to be refurbished to a new condition. Each panel has an acoustic baffled honeycomb core with two perforated, thick steel-coated skins which together provide the end user a panel that is extremely durable and resistant to damages in comparison to wood-framed panels. We start the process by removing all fabric and trim from the panel and discarding any damaged parts. We then provide new insulation inside the panel along with new trim pieces and covers as necessary to give the panels a virtually brand-new look.  The panels are covered with your choice from hundreds of fabrics and paints to give you a refurbished panel with a brand-new look. All provided work surfaces are new and can be built in your choice of laminate colors.  Electrical connections are tested and guaranteed for the life of the product with normal use.  If you are in the market for a strong, good-looking panel system within a structured budget, refurbished cubicles are a great option for you.
remanufactured haworth

From Inspiration to Completion

We will take your furniture concepts and ideas for your office and render them into a professional design and layout for your environment which will provide effective work flow for your employees, along with a contemporary appearance that will represent your company well to your customers.