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Office Furniture Liquidators Houston TX - Wells & Kimich

For office furniture liquidators you can trust to remove your furniture and cubicles, turn to the professionals at Wells & Kimich. Sometimes companies are required to move, relocate, or want to provide newer office furnishings for their employees and need to have their old furniture removed to provide office space for the new furnishings.  Wells & Kimich can provide you the resources necessary to complete that work under your time constraints.

Wells & Kimich has been in the office furnishings and cubicle business since 1982 and is familiar and has expertise with all types of systems furniture and cubicles.  We can provide you a turn-key solution of removing your old, out of date furniture and provide new or refurbished options all from one source.

As office furniture liquidators, we also offer preowned furniture that is in excellent condition and needs no remanufacturing. If you want to save money on outfitting your workspace in Houston, we may have just the items you’re looking for, including a variety of cubicles and workstations.

To learn more about the superior products and services we offer as office furniture liquidators, please contact Wells & Kimich today. We’re proud to serve businesses in and around Houston, TX.